Rashid: Egypt’s second estuary in transition
By Ahmed Maged
First Published: July 18, 2008

Dr Yousri Azzam, professor of architecture and planning at Alexandria University’s Faculty of Engineering and a major player in Rashid’s development projects, said that social studies aimed at integrating locals into the new culture are being held in parallel with the development plans.

“This isn’t only a problem for Rashidis, but it’s a problem for all Egyptians in rural areas and even in Cairo,” stressed Azzam.

Rashid vs. Beheira
Azzam stressed that it is difficult to discuss tourism projects in Rashid in isolation from the rest of Beheira.

“Taking into consideration the international dimension of tourism, we’re setting up a project at the Bughaz that will include a wharf for world yachts as well as new premises for the Rashid Museum,” Azzam said.



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